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Bruce E. Howell, DDS

Retired Family Dentist

This page is for fun things, fun for kids of all ages. All the games require a keyboard.

Use your toothpaste to fight tooth decay. Classic Delta Force.
Dental Arcade Game

Fly your SuperTooth to gather fruits for points & stars to make you invincible. After clicking "start" each click of the mouse or up arrow makes your tooth fly. Don't get stuck with a fork.
Super Tooth Dental Arcade Game

Use the up, down left and right arrow keys to clean your Super Tooth to the clean water. Watch out for the Sugar Bugs! Based on the classic Frogger arcade game.
Dental Frogger Arcade Game

Classic Pacman. Use the arrow keys to move Pacman around the maze. Eat the small dots for points and the big dots to make you invincible.
Pac Man Dental Arcade Game

Classic Tetris - Use the arrow keys move and rotate the pieces so that they line up evenly at the bottom and score points.
Tetris Dental Arcade Game

Classic Space Invaders. Use the arrow keys to move left & right and the SPACE to fire.
Dental Space Invaders Arcade Game